MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2001


Machine Learning


Jake Beal
Bootstrapping Communications from Shared Experience pdf link ps link
Jake Beal,
Nick Caldwell,
Jimmy Lin,
Justin Schmidt,
Marc Spraragen &
Patrick Winston
The Bridge Project pdf link ps link
Nicholas Tung Chan &
Adlar Jeewook Kim
Study of Artificial Financial Markets with Adaptive Trading Agents pdf link ps link
Adrian Corduneanu &
Tommi Jaakkola
Stable Mixing of Complete and Incomplete Information pdf link ps link
Leslie Pack Kaelbling,
Sarah Finney,
Natalia Gardiol &
Tim Oates
Learning with Deictic Representations pdf link ps link
Adlar Jeewook Kim
Input/Output HiddenMarkovModels for Modeling Stock Order Flows pdf link ps link
Attila Kondacs
Constraint Learning pdf link ps link
Vinay Kumar
Learning-Based Approach to Estimation of Morphable Model Parameters pdf link ps link
Terran Lane &
Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Scaling Techniques for Large Markov Decision Process Planning Problems pdf link ps link
Sayan Mukherjee
Statistical Test for Similarity Metrics and Clustering pdf link ps link
Sayan Mukherjee &
Ryan Rifkin
Support Vector Machine Classification of Microarray Data pdf link ps link
Luis Perez-Breva
Combining Kernel Machines Through Decorrelation pdf link ps link
Luis Perez-Breva,
Giorgos Zacharia &
Osamu Yoshimi
Extracting Information fromCNN Financial News pdf link ps link
Alexander Rakhlin
Combining Classifiers pdf link ps link
Jason D. M. Rennie &
Ryan Rifkin
Improving Multiclass Text Classification with the Support Vector Machine pdf link ps link
Whitman Richards
Shared Mental Models &Decision-Making pdf link ps link
Christian R. Shelton
Reinforcement Learning for Electronic Market-Making pdf link ps link

Nathan Srebro,
David Karger &
Tommi Jaakkola

MaximumLikelihood Markov Hypertrees pdf link ps link
Martin Szummer,
Tommi Jaakkola &
Tomaso Poggio
Learning from Partially Labeled Data pdf link ps link
Justin Werfel
Biophysically Realistic Models for Learning in Neural Networks pdf link ps link
Gene Yeo
Multiclass Classification of SRBCT Tumors pdf link ps link
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