Spring 2000

Lecturers: Brian Williams, Rodney Brooks,

Eric Feron, Tomas Lozano-Perez,

Leslie Kaebling and Manuela Veloso

Time: 9:30am-11:00 am, Monday and Wednesday

Room: 1-135 or 2-190 (when joint with 6.836)

A new generation of sensor rich, massively distributed systems is emerging that offer the potential for profound economic and environmental impact, including deep space explorers, unmanned air vehicles, rovers, factory automation systems and sensor webs that monitor the earth ecosystem. On the drawing board are embedded systems that will operate autonomously for years at a time within harsh and uncertain environments, achieving unprecedented levels of proficiency and robustness.

Creating these intelligent embedded systems requires a software revolution that draws together a diverse set of computational methods from artificial intelligence, software engineering, operations research and control. This course focuses on principles and algorithms for prototyping embedded systems that are able to perform high levels of deduction and adaptation. The course will be organized as an active exploration of the modern research literature. Examples of embedded systems include self-directed deep space probes, robotic soccer teams, acrobatic helicopters and mobile robots.

Prerequisites: 6.034, 6.041 or Permission of Instructor

Course Staff:


 Brian Williams 37-381, Email: williams@mit.edu 3-1678

Course Secretary:

 Peggy Edwards Email: margaret@mit.edu 8-7390


 Rodney Brooks Email: brooks@ai.mit.edu

 Eric Feron Email: feron@mit.edu

 Tomas Lozano Perez Email: tlp@ai.mit.edu

 Leslie Pack Kaebling Email: lpk@ai.mit.edu

 Manuela Veloso Email: mmv@ai.mit.edu

 Class email list: 16.499-students@mit.edu

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