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MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Medical Vision


Eric Cosman, Jr. & William Wells
"3D-2D Registration for Interventional Guidance" pdf link ps link
Polina Golland & W. Eric L. Grimson
"AnatomyBrowser: A Framework for Integration of Medical Information" pdf link ps link
Polina Golland & W. Eric L. Grimson
"Statistical Shape Analysis of Anatomical Structures from Medical Images" pdf link ps link
Lauren O'Donnell
"Medical Image Segmentation in the 3D Slicer" pdf link ps link
Samson J. Timoner, Arya Nabavi, William M. Wells & W. Eric L. Grimson
"Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images Using Finite Element Modeling" pdf link ps link
Tamara Williams
"Multi-Modal Registration for Image-Guided Therapy" pdf link ps link
Lilla Zollei
"Piecewise Non-rigid Registration of 3D MR and CT Images of the Spine" pdf link ps link
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