MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Mobile Robotics


Jeremy Scott Gerstle
"Learning Robust Visual Navigation Policies" pdf link ps link
W. Jesse Hong
"Modeling and Estimation of Robotic Soil Interactions" pdf link ps link
Kurt Steinkraus & Leslie Kaelbling
"Vision-Based Map-Making and Navigation" pdf link ps link
Selim Temizer
"Optical Flow Based Robot Navigation" pdf link ps link
Brian Williams, Tony Abad & Aisha Walcott
"Model-Based Coordination of Cooperative Vehicles and Robotic Networks" pdf link ps link
Brian C. Williams, Seung Chung, Mitch Ingham & John Van Eepoel
"Model-Based Programming of Intelligent Embedded Systems and a Robotic Messenger to Mercury" pdf link ps link
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