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MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Applied Artificial Intelligence and Learning


Gary Borchardt
"Interactive Planning and Monitoring" pdf link ps link
Justin A. Boyan
"Time-Dependent Planning for Buses, Trains, and Telescopes" pdf link ps link
Nicholas Tung Chan
"Artificial Markets and Adaptive Agents" pdf link ps link
Tony L. Eng
"De Novo Protein Sequencing from Tandem Mass Spectra" pdf link ps link
Jason Rennie
"Automated E-mail Filtering" pdf link ps link
Lawrence Shih
"Artificial Markets and Adaptive Agents" pdf link ps link
Lisa Tucker-Kellogg
"Systematic Conformational Search with Constraint Satisfaction" pdf link ps link
Cheuk-san Edward Wang
"Automating Electron Density Map Interpretation by Matching Confirmations" pdf link ps link
Chen-Hsiang Yeang
"Discovering Biological Functional Modules from Gene Expression Data" pdf link ps link
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