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MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Vision and Sound Applied to People and Activity


Tony Ezzat
Audio Morphing" pdf link ps link
Pedro F. Felzenszwalb
"Estimating Body Pose from A Single Image" pdf link ps link
John Fisher & Trevor Darrell
"Audio-Visual Source Separation for Untethered Interface" pdf link ps link
Martin Giese & Tomaso Poggio
"Learning Based Representation of Complex Movement Patterns" pdf link ps link
Bernd Heisele
"Face Detection" pdf link ps link
Purdy Ho & Bernd Heisele
"Face Identification" pdf link ps link
Charlie Kemp
"Medial Axis Representations for the Analysis of Human Shape in Images" pdf link ps link
Lily Lee
"Model-Based Human Body Tracking" pdf link ps link
Nicole Sharlene Love
"Recognition of 3D Compressed Images and its Traffic Monitoring Applications" pdf link ps link
Loius-Phillipe Morency & Trevor Darrell
"Tracking Face Pose and Expression with Range and Brightness Constraints" pdf link ps link
Raquel Romano
"Geometric Analysis of Motion in Video" pdf link ps link
Chris Stauffer & W. Eric L. Grimson
"Automatic Scene Activity Modeling" pdf link ps link
Chris Stauffer & W. Eric L. Grimson
Tracking-Based Automatic Object Classification" pdf link ps link
Chris Stauffer & W. Eric L. Grimson
"Unsupervised Audio Scene Analysis" pdf link ps link
Leonid Taycher
"Tracking Articualted Figures with Cylindrical Limb Constraints" pdf link ps link
John Viloria, David Demirdjian, Neal Checka & Trevor Darrell
"Person Tracking with Stereo Range Sensors" pdf link ps link
Kevin Wilson & Trevor Darrell
"Vision-Aided Acoustic Array Processing for Perceptive Environments" pdf link ps link
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