MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Learning


Joanna Bryson & Lynn Andrea Stein
"Behavior Oriented Design: Methodology for Developing Adaptive Intelligent Agents" pdf link ps link
Terran Lane & Leslie Pack Kaelbling
"Learning and Planning in Huge Uncertain Environments" pdf link ps link
Tim Oates & Leslie Pack Kaelbling
"Learning Rich, Tractable Models of the Real World" pdf link ps link
Ryan Rifkin & Michelle Nadermann
"SvmFu: Software For SVMs" pdf link ps link
Christian Shelton
"Balancing Multiple Sources of Reward in Reinforcement Learning" pdf link ps link
William Smart & Leslie Pack Kaelbling
"Making Reinforcement Learning Work on Real Robots" pdf link ps link
Martin Szummer
"Learning from Partially Labeled Data" pdf link ps link
Kimberly G. Waters
"Combining Strategies for Planning in Huge Uncertain Domains" pdf link ps link
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