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MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


New Models of Computation


Hal Abelson, Don Allen, David Christman, Daniel Coore, Chris Hanson, Tom Knight, Radhika Nagpal, Erik Rauch, Gerald Jay Sussman, Chris Terman, Pater Thompson & Ron Weiss
"Amorphous and Cellular Computing" pdf link ps link
J.P. Grossman
"Memory Integration: Implementing the Memory Model in Hardware" pdf link ps link
George E. Homsy
"Performance Limits on Biochemical Computation" pdf link ps link
Andrew Huang
"Processor-In-Memory System Simulator" pdf link ps link
Norman Margolus
"Physical Measures of Computation" pdf link ps link
Radhika Nagpal
"Programmable Materials" pdf link ps link
Edward J. Ouellette & Thomas F. Knight Jr.
"Analysis, Design and Implementation of High Speed Electrical" pdf link ps link
Andrew Parker & Norm Margolus
"A Spatial Lattice Simulation Kernel" pdf link ps link
Michael P. Phillips
"A Simple, Scalable Processor-in-Memory Microprocessor for HPC Systems" pdf link ps link
Howard Shrobe & Robert Laddaga
"Self Adaptive Software" pdf link ps link
Gregory T. Sullivan & Jonathan R. Bachrach
"Advanced Programming Language Technology for Reflective, Dynamic, Adaptive Software" pdf link ps link
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