MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2000


Vision Techniques


Matthew E. Antone & Seth Teller
"Robust Camera Pose Recovery Using Stochastic Geometry" pdf link ps link
Christophe Chefdhotel & Olivier Faugeras
"Evolving Smooth Manifolds of Arbitrary Codimension in Rn" pdf link ps link
Ron Dror & Ted Adelson
"Estimating Surface Reflectance from Images" pdf link ps link
Vinay Kumar
"Learning-Based Approach to Estimation of Morphable Model Parameters" pdf link ps link
Erik G. Miller
"The Geometry of the Manifold of an Image Class and Its Application to Classification" pdf link ps link
Erik Miller, Chris Stauffer, Kinh Tieu, Michael Ross & Raquel Romano
"Learning Natural Parameters of Variation" pdf link ps link
Michael G. Ross & Paul Viola
"Exploiting Texture-Motion Duality in Optical Flow and Image Segmentation" pdf link ps link
Kinh Tieu & Paul Viola
"Sparse High-Dimensional Representations and Large Margin Classifiers for Image Retrieval" pdf link ps link
Huizhen Yu & W. Eric L. Grimson
"Extracting Spatial Templates for Image Indexing" pdf link ps link
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